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Mercury contamination: is it from the Amalgam Fillings or the Fish?

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

What could be more healthy than fresh fish?
What could be more healthy than fresh fish?

You must read this before you spend thousands of dollars on getting your amalgam fillings removed.

Amalgam fillings which contain the very toxic element, mercury (Hg) are being phased out. Very few of these fillings are being put into mouths today. Thank goodness! Mercury is incredibly toxic and even the tiniest of amounts can have devastating and longterm adverse effects on just about every aspect of health you want to think of. The best mercury is no mercury.

Despite the growing awareness of the toxic effects of mercury and the near-elimination of mercury fillings, one of the most disturbing findings I have made is that tissue mercury levels are continuing to rise. There is not a single human being, in my opinion, who does not have traces of mercury in their bodies. Why is this happening?

The answer is very simple; as industrial processes continue to pour mercury into our oceans, this toxin is being increasingly concentrated in the food chain and guess who is at the very top of that chain? You are right, it is us! Along with whale and dolphins.

If we were to stop all dumping of mercury into the environment, mercury levels will presumably continue to rise and concentrate up the food chain for the next 50 years. This has to be of deep concern since creatures other than plants can not thrive in the presence of mercury. Fish consumption is becoming increasingly hazardous because of the increasingly high mercury levels in the flesh of most species of fish.

To highlight this, with their permission, I have reproduced the Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses (HTMA) of two families from different regions of New Zealand who fell ill with mystery ailments, mainly extreme fatigue. The only thing they had in common was what they ate - fish


The case of a young athlete who hit the wall and failed to recover

Here is the HTMA of a very athletic young man prior to his falling ill (this is a great example of the value of getting a health stock-take while you are healthy!). Please note the levels of Hg and other toxins which are present but within "normal".

Young athlete prior to eating contaminated fish
Young athlete prior to eating contaminated fish