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Herbals Teas Recommendation

Updated: Mar 8

Our friend, Sharon, who makes, imports and supplies all kinds of wonderful health and skincare products, has recommended a small NZ business that supplies herbal teas.

Peppermint Tea

I chuckled when I noticed this one; it is called "No Likey Spikey". Here is how they describe this tea blend:

"Might help thwart spike proteins! ((Disclaimer: not intended to replace the conventional recommendations)) The herbs here are known for their anti-viral, anti-inflammatory & neuroprotective properties as well as properties which may reduce blood pressure, blood sugar & cortisol levels. In addition, they are being studied right now around the world for their potential abilities to block/neutralise spike proteins. This tea contains some of the herbs which are showing promise."

By the way, for toxin-free personal products such as deodorants and skin-care, have a look at Sharon's shop:

Sharon came to see me many years ago for assistance with a skin problem. It took a long time, but patience paid off, and she has never looked back. Sharon went on to create her own skincare company. We use her products. I washed my face this morning with her homemade toxin-free soap.

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