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Crimes Against Humanity: Coming to a Court Near You Soon!

(Updated 15th December, 2023)


"Crimes include, murder, racketeering, biological weapons laws violations, treason, and genocide."

Download DOCX • 19KB

Download DOCX • 233KB

The court cases are happening now and gaining in number, and it won't be long before similar actions come to New Zealand, as they should. The alleged crimes are of such a staggering scale and mind-blowing nature that it is hardly surprising that the perpetrators, including politicians, bureaucrats, the media, medical professionals, academics, and industrialists are doubling down with viscious ferocity, ad-hominem attacks, and outright lies.

Here's another example:

"Italian Health Minister Gave Orders To Conceal Vaccination Deaths – Now Under Investigation For Murder. They knew the shots were killing people from the start and gave orders to conceal deaths." Similar actions are taking place in other countries, the Phillipines, for example.

The Italian lies and propaganda appear identical to what's been going on in New Zealand for the last three years. Do you agree?

And, here's a further example:

Genocide Poland

These evil people are being exposed, caught with their pants down. Hoiwever, instead of coming clean about their crimes, they are lying through their teeth while blaming the victims and attacking the messengers.

Here's an example of the outrageous doubling-down (shouting down) I'm referring to:

This video by Dr Sam Bailey doesn't pull any punches:

This writer is worth following:

And Dr Hatchard, of course:

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