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COVID19: Scientists are most often wrong and never always right

Updated: Feb 28

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"The present status of research that is “misleading, exaggerated or plain wrong” is reminiscent of the news media. The attitude that scientists are always right should be changed; they are most often wrong [1]! Instead of trying to make cosmetic changes to their results, they should openly and frankly recognize the weakness of the results."

"The Lancet has changed its editorial policy after publishing a study in May which concluded that Covid-19 patients who received the drug hydroxychloroquine were dying at higher rates. But figures on the number of deaths and patients in hospital cited by the authors did not match up with official government and health department data."

When the original fraudulent study was published in the Lancet, Medsafe acted to restrict the dispensing of hydroxychloroquine and that restriction remains despite the retraction and despite the growing evidence of efficacy.

The growing evidence of safety and efficacy

"The treatment group has a 73.9% lower death rate."

And here:


The reason I'm writing this is to remind people that the advice our health officials and Government are following in response to the COVID19 Pandemic is probably wrong. It might have been right in the beginning but science is organic knowledge that is constantly growing and evolving.

When hubris, hype, protecting reputations and maximising financial gain get into the mix, we are in big trouble!

Our response to COVID19 should be constantly evolving - changing quickly as new ideas and information come to hand. This is not happening. In New Zealand, our initial and remarkable success at squashing the virus has created a prison for us. It is a prison because those in charge are hell-bent on sticking to the same old, same old plan with only a few cosmetic tinkerings such as mandatory face masks on public transport.

The science has marched on and those in charge are stubbornly refusing to adapt. In fact, they are going several steps further: they are stone-walling anybody who has a contrary view to their official narrative. The only experts being consulted or paraded before the public are only those who parrot the party line. Without being specific they are accusing anybody who does not agree with them of spreading misinformation. Anything that runs counter to their plan is placed in the trash can of conspiracy theories.

It is acting as the "ra-ra pom-pom cheerleaders" for the establishment.

The Fourth Estate has been particularly remiss in its duty by refusing to ask the hard questions of those in charge. Instead, it is acting as the "ra-ra pom-pom cheerleaders" for the establishment. It is time they did their job properly.

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