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Are you Worried about your Breast Health?

Updated: Apr 5

(Updated, 9th May 2023)

Then, get a breast thermogram!

Breast thermogram image

Then, get a breast thermogram!

I have a question: "What comes before most cancers such as breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate, skin, and bowel cancer?"

Answer: "Inflammation".

  • Before breast cancer, there are often years of monthly breast tenderness and swelling that may develop into fibrocystic breast disease and a precursor to cancer.

  • Before ovarian cancer, there were years of monthly ovarian pain and menstrual irregularities.

  • Before cervical cancer, there were years of irritation by a virus.

  • Before prostate cancer, there were years of trouble peeing due to an inflamed and swollen prostate gland.

  • Before skin cancer, sunburn caused repeated inflammation: Sunlight gives health, whereas sunburn gives disease.

  • Before bowel cancer, there were many years of constipation or other inflammatory bowel conditions.

If we were serious about winning the war on cancer and not just profiting from it, we would fight the root cause of most cancers which is Inflammation! But, I guess the problem is there is no money in this remedy for Big Pharma and Big Medicine, just as there is no money in a cure for cancer - just more patentable high-value treatments (The only so-called "cure" is by prevention in the first place!). Prevention is the cure.

It is probably for about 20 years that I have been promoting breast thermography to ensure breast health because this inexpensive, non-invasive, non-radiation form of breast imaging picks up any inflammation or related abnormalities well before cancer. The woman, then armed with information, can take nutrition and other healing countermeasures to improve her breast health. In 20 years or so, the women I have assisted with this thermal imaging have consistently improved their breast health, and I do not know of a single case where breast cancer has been diagnosed since their first thermogram.

Unlike mammograms (that aim for early detection of tumours), with regular monitoring, the thermogram detects abnormalities well before cancer, thus empowering the woman. In contrast, the mammogram threatens to terrify and disempower the woman. Effectively the ‘horse has already bolted’ when there is a tumour to find.

Thermography is not a replacement for mammograms, and if an abnormality is detected by thermography, further investigations may be recommended by her doctor, such as an ultrasound or mammogram. The thermogram does not diagnose a disease or replace any of these modalities but is a complementary tool that empowers women by guiding them about what they can do to prevent disease.

Here are just a few of my articles over the years about breast thermography:

Clinical Thermography offers this information to consider:

Thousands of Kiwis have used breast thermography for two decades to monitor breast health and detect abnormalities which could develop into cancer. We’ve been blessed in NZ, having had a consistent nationwide service for breast thermography for over 20 years. Dr Mike Godfrey (now retired) has been practising integrative medicine in Tauranga since the 1980s. He brought this innovative method to New Zealand when he learnt how safe it was compared with other breast health monitoring methods.

Since 2002 women (and men!) have been trusting thermal imaging to measure the metabolic activity in the breast tissue. It’s an excellent option for anyone regardless of age, body size, breast density, natural or enhanced, as it is suitable for everyone. Thermography is the only test available in New Zealand that can prove your breasts are healthy. Repeat thermograms can show vascular changes over time, allowing for monitoring. Like your fingerprint is unique to you, so are breast thermal images. There’s a unique pattern to your blood vessels, like a road map. It’s different to mammography in that it provides information on the biological activity levels of breast tissue rather than the anatomy. A mammogram detects lumps and calcifications, as does an ultrasound. They are anatomical tests. Thermal imaging is very much like having your photo taken. It’s not an X-ray, so it doesn’t penetrate your body. It’s painless to have done; there’s no contact with equipment (squeezing or clamping). The infrared camera picks up heat from your body and is sensitive to 0.1°C (a tenth degree). The heat patterns show the reporting Doctor where the blood vessels are, how they behave, and how active they are. Following a cooling phase, those blood vessels should constrict and demonstrate healthy/normal physiology.

It’s easy to book in – you can either call the clinic on 0800 102 888 or book yourself in through online bookings

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Listen to Peter Goetzsche (ex Cochrane) explaining his view that breast screening is harmful in this video Peter Gøtzsche - YouTube

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