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25% off!

Updated: Feb 25

Yes, that's right, we have teamed up with NZ-owned Pacific Health to offer all of my clients and followers 25% off all of Pacific Health's non-prescription nutritional and therapeutic products. This is for the following month only to 14/06/2020.

This offer gives you access to hundreds of different health and nutrition products. Rather than try to describe all of them, why not take a few minutes and have a look for yourself?

(This offer ends 14/06/2020)

Browse and shop now by using this unique link or click on the image below:

Why are we doing this?

I must be one of Pacific Health's longest-standing customers. My first purchase from them was in 1983 in the form of gym Lymphacizers to outfit the first of many corporate gyms throughout the country (I set up or consulted to at least 50 corporate and commercial gym projects over the following years). That was a lot of Lymphacizers!

I can't talk for Pacific Health but we have been through a lot during this time and we are still going strong.

What better way to celebrate the easing of the COVID-19 Lockdown than to support a great New Zealand company (Pacific Health)! It is the least we can do.

Take a look now!

Use this code if you are asked to twffg93x

(This offer ends on 14/06/2020)

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