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Here's how to drink your way to good health! (updated 11/19)

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Lemon Tree
Lemon peel, a truly functional medicine food!

I ate an orange today, including some of the skin. It has been very hot lately, so I've been drinking a lot of water flavoured with some lemons and limes. Now and then, I'll eat one of the slices. It is refreshing.

Some years ago, during a guest lecture in sports medicine, an emeritus professor in cardiovascular medicine pointed out the obvious: what is beneficial, nutritionally, for the prevention of heart disease is equally beneficial for preventing cancer, arthritis and digestive disorders. I'll extend this to most autoimmune diseases as well.

During my trip to Belgium to contest the UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships, I met a young man who was struggling with melanoma cancer that had spread to his liver. His treatment consisted of a super drug called Keytruda which costs about $150,000 per year. While it is unlikely to cure him, it is more than likely extending his life by a number of years. Other than the drug, there was no plan. He was just to take the drug and wait and see. He was uneasy about this. He wanted to do more to help himself, to put the odds more in his favour.

I offered to help him develop a self-help plan to ensure that the medical treatment has the best chance of working for him.

What I did was combine four foods (citrus peel, garlic, ginger and turmeric) that have the most robust evidence for health benefits, including having potent anticancer properties to make a nourishing health tonic.

He is drinking this tonic three times a day and I can report that he is loving it and he is feeling better, especially there is less discomfort where his liver resides in his right upper abdomen. Whether it ends up helping him to beat the cancer is almost irrelevant, although the scientific evidence is convincing that it must be doing something good for him. In the end, the main thing is that he is now actively participating in his struggle with a disease that is almost always fatal. He feels more in control of his destiny than before.


Here's your recipe for good health:

  • One whole organic, spray-free lemon (we want the skin, so ensure it is free of sprays such as antifungals). You can add any other kind of whole citrus as well, such as an orange, lime or mandarin (If having grapefruit be aware that it can interfere with some medications. If you are on meds, check that grapefruit is okay to take). The compounds in these skins are all beneficial for you.

  • 2-4 garlic cloves (organic, spray-free).

  • A modest chunk of ginger about the size of your thumb.

  • A small teaspoon of turmeric powder, or fresh turmeric.

  • 4 teaspoons of NZ Fulvic - (fulvic acid vastly improves the absorption of nutrients as well as nourishing the gut microbiome). Please read the "About" information on the product pages to understand why I want you to add fulvic to the recipe.

If you can't stand garlic, for example, then add less to the recipe, leave it out or have it as a capsule.