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Why EnduraCell is superior to other broccoli sprout supplements


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Yielding over 20 mg sulforaphane per gram, EnduraCell is more than 3-fold more potent than its next competitor, making it a uniquely potent nutraceutical, as distinct from competitive food-grade materials. (A table of dose-responses from peer-reviewed clinical trials can be found here ).

BE AWARE OF THE UNITS DESCRIBED BY OTHERS (milligrams vs micrograms):

Some supplements list their Sulforaphane Yield in micrograms - ours is in milligrams. So when a capsule lists 2,000 mcg sulforaphane, this is a mere 2 mg! - and is just one-tenth of the quantity supplied by the recommended daily dose of DefenCell (GFD) capsules.

Four capsules daily of DefenCell provides 20 mg sulforaphane, the dose shown to produce significant clinical benefits in the independent clinical trials mentioned above. Similarly, each 700 mg capsule of EnduraCell BioActive (GFE) or EnduraCell PLUS (GFP) provides over 14 mg of sulforaphane. At 7 times the sulforaphane yield of capsules claiming 2,000 MICROgrams, there is no comparison!

A FURTHER TRAP FOR THE UNWARY: Most of the broccoli sprout or seed-derived supplements produced in the U.S. are 'extracts' devoid of the essential myrosinase enzyme. These may yield around 8-10% of the sulforaphane produced by a whole broccoli sprout supplement such as EnduraCell which retains its myrosinase enzyme.

What is often listed on the label as 'sulforaphane glucosinolate' is really listing the glucoraphanin precursor under a contrived marketing term. There is no such chemical entity as 'sulforaphane glucosinolate'!

Other scientists decry the fact that consumers may be unwittingly purchasing such 'pills', thinking they will replicate what has been shown in the sulforaphane clinical trials.

We are proud to say that practical doses of EnduraCell are capable of replicating the sulforaphane doses described in the various clinical trials. Better still, it is Cell-Logic's own Australian proprietary technology which allows us to achieve this goal.

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