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Are you one of the "Worried Well?"

Updated: Feb 15

This man, Michael Fitzpatrick, is talking good sense.

Go to your doctor when you are unwell. If you are generally "well", then chill out. Enjoy life. Go ride a bike, hike, explore this amazing planet.

Your doctor provides you with a wonderful and indispensable service when you are ill; but not when you are well. I say this with a proviso or two:

Your doctor is great for mending broken bones, healing torn flesh and quenching raging infections. Your doctor is a blessed life-saver when it comes to resuscitating you when you are at the brink of death from something like a heart attack.

Thank goodness for modern emergency medicine!

Modern emergency medicine makes right now the best time to have ever lived - ever!

However; your doctor is not the best professional to consult when dealing with preventing the degradation of energy and mobility that is associated with poor lifestyle and nutrition choices and the ravages of ageing. These are the things that lead to degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and arthritis, to name a few. Your doctor is woefully equipped to deal with these health issues.

If you wish to improve your current state of health and energy and to live a long, productive and enjoyable life, then see a "health" professional who works principally with "well" people. Other than that: Hey - get on with making the most of life!

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