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Gary is like a health crime investigator.  He looks for the tiniest of clues that may help solve the mysteries of chronic ill health, or poor performance. 

This then leads to the development of lasting solutions, or better management through functional nutrition. Functional nutrition is nutrition based care that is focused on building health and performance by restoring the body to optimum physiological functioning. 


Gary is walking the talk: He is on a mission to be one of the fittest over 60 year olds in the world and it looks like he's already there.  

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Gary Moller
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Gary's mission, for the last 15 years, is to be the best natural health practitioner in the use of the Interclinical Laboratories Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). 


This forensic test is one of the most valuable tools for helping the practitioner, trained in its interpretation, to understand the root causes of chronic ill health, ageing poorly, or the unexplained poor performance of the athlete.  This tool helps you and Gary to formulate and guide any interventions, including functional nutrition, and to measure your progress over the longterm.

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Gary and his partner, Alofa Kosena, are dedicated to bringing you the very best natural health care products.


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Getting airborne on a Lefty Cannondale is possible!

Gary is redefining healthy ageing in the most dramatic way.  Gary participates in a rough and tumble sport that challenges all the qualities that decline with age: strength, stamina, eyesight, reaction time, balance, agility and the ability to take the big hits of falls and to heal quickly and fully.  


These functional abilities all decline with ageing, while chronic disease gradually takes over and eventually finishes us off - most of us anyway. Healthy ageing, is achieved by some really smart nutritional and lifestyle practices that few health professionals fully grasp, or can figure out how to put together for a synergistic combination.  


Since turning 60 in 2014, Gary has averaged being 20-50% faster than the next over 60 year old in every race he has contested in New Zealand and Australia. He holds the 60+ age group records for every race entered.   What better way to demonstrate this than being on one of the most awesome and radical mountain bikes around, the 2016 Cannondale Scalpel (refer photo to the left)!